Non-Profit SIG FAQs

Our organization recognized a gap in the community when it came to accessible and focused leadership and personal development for non-profit employees. While many non-profit organizations offer various programs, we noticed that there was a distinct lack of initiatives specifically targeting leadership development, and those that did exist often came with a cost.

We saw an opportunity to fill this gap by providing free monthly  sessions focused specifically on leadership and personal development. 

1. What are these sessions about?

The sessions are focused on leadership and personal development. We aim to provide non profit employees with valuable insights, skills, and strategies to enhance their leadership abilities and foster personal growth.

2. Who can participate in these sessions?

These sessions are targeted at non profit employees, however anyone interested in developing their leadership skills and personal growth can join. 

3. How often are these sessions held?

We host these sessions monthly. Each month, we cover different aspects of leadership and personal development. 

4. Are these sessions free of charge?

Yes, we are committed to providing these sessions free of charge. We believe in removing financial barriers to access learning opportunities for non profit employees particularly in the areas of leadership and personal development.

5. How do I register for these sessions?

You can visit our calendar and register for the session(s) you are interested in. 

6. What topics are covered in these sessions?

We cover a wide range of topics related to leadership and personal development. 

    7. Who are the facilitators for these sessions?

    Our sessions are facilitated by professionals in the fields of leadership development, coaching and professional development. 

    8. Can I suggest topics for future sessions?

    Absolutely! We welcome suggestions for topics that you would like to see covered in future sessions. You may send an email to

    9. How can I stay updated on upcoming sessions and events?

    Our calendar is the best way to stay updated on upcoming sessions. 


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