How often am I expected to facilitate? What is the time commitment?

For any given topic, you would only be asked to facilitate it once during that semester and only on a date that you tell us you are available. And we are unlikely to repeat a topic the next semester or even during the next year unless it was very popular and we asked if you had availability to repeat it.

Those who have volunteered for more than one topic would only be asked to facilitate once per semester. Additional topics would be pushed out to the next semester.

Your time commitment is whatever time you need to prepare to facilitate and then deliver the session. The more experienced you are in delivering a session, the less time it will take for you to prepare. Non-profit leaders will make themselves available to provide input into key points/what is most important from a non-profit perspective if you have time to discuss that with them.

Who is responsible for printing participant materials?

We are finding that most facilitator’s companies are willing to donate the printing of participant materials, but all host agencies have agreed to print black and white copies of participant materials for the entire class as long as they have 3-5 days in which to do that .

What if my course requires materials that cost money?

At the current time, we do not have a way to charge for assessments or participant materials that must be purchased from a specific vendor, so we will not be offering classes unless they can be done at no cost.

Host agencies are willing to print black and white copies of participant materials for the entire class as long as they have 3-5 days in which to do that.

Our steering committee has suggested that ideally, ATDU sessions are no more than 3 hours, but longer sessions are not out of the question if the topic is important and the time will be well spent.

How do participants register for courses?

We send the semester schedule to all participating agencies 4-6 weeks prior to the first session of the semester, then they promote the courses to their employees along with the link to our registration form. Some will put it in a newsletter; others may “hand pick” participants who will benefit the most. Each agency will decide what works best for them.

If participants can no longer attend, we ask that they cancel their registration so those on the waiting list can participate.

What if I am willing to facilitate, but don’t have an existing course related to the topics associated with ATDU?

We do rely on you for the content, so if you don’t have a course to deliver, we are unable to provide you with a volunteer opportunity at this time.

Is it OK to pilot a course through ATDU?

We do expect a well-developed session, but yes! If you have a new course on a relevant topic, ATDU may be able to provide you with an opportunity to pilot the session and its activities outside of your organization.


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